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30 Years of Specialty Mushroom Cultivation

With over 30 years of specialty mushrooms cultivation under our belt, we have more experience than any other company in the Western World.  We specialize in wood-growing mushrooms harvested from bottles, bags and logs. 

In addition to being the first to grow Shiitake in North America, other commercial firsts include Trumpet Royale™ (king oyster), Clamshell™ (beech), maitake, Pompon Blanc™, Cinnamon Cap™ and Forest Nameko™.  We are proud to announce the 2008 launch of our most recent successful cultivar, the Nebrodini Bianco™, the large, snowy white Pleurotus nebrodensis.

Innovation, Perserverance & Careful Attention to Detail

All of this has required innovation, perseverance, careful attention to detail and lots of time.  Many independent-minded mushroom farmers we meet prefer to "reinvent the wheel" rather than to duplicate established techniques in successful cultivation of specialty mushrooms.  That’s always an option, but for those who feel that reinventing the wheel is unnecessary and expensive, we offer the short cuts to successful cultivation and harvesting.  We can help you avoid all the inevitable dead ends and wasted efforts of guesswork.  We’re professionals who respect your privacy and need for straight answers.  That’s the mindset we bring with us as consultants.

Our Goal is Continuing Improvement

This doesn’t mean that we rest on our laurels.  At Gourmet Mushrooms, we’re never satisfied with the "state-of-the-art".  Our goal is continuing improvement of production methods, strains, fruiting techniques, mushroom quality, packaging, you name it.  We’ve been doing it for 30 years and are delighted to share what we’ve learned. 

Let us put this knowledge to work for you as we reveal the detailed and specific techniques of specialty mushroom farming.  Whether you’re a newcomer in need of ground-up development assistance or a seasoned veteran looking to diversify, we welcome the dialog.

Researching New Candidates for Cultivation

Although we are specialists in wood-growing mushrooms harvested from bottles, bags and logs, we’re always researching new candidates for cultivation.  We are branching into mycorrhizal fungi such as porcini and matsutake – mushrooms that have stymied efforts to achieve commercial production.  And in the near future, we’ll plant out test plots of the most prized of all fungi:  the Truffle….