6 Mushroom-Based Recipes to Bring Your 4th of July BBQ to the Next Level


  Whether you just plain love mushrooms, want to find something new, or are looking to add vegetarian dishes to your 4th of July line-up, we've got you covered.  Check out our list for everything from appetizers to dessert.


1. Mycopia Mushroom & Jalapeño Salsa

Our Chef's Sampler, along with a few other delicious ingredients, creates a fresh take on salsa that is always popular.  We make this one A LOT to take to events and it wins over even the most fungi fearing folk.

Find the full recipe here.


2. Alba Clamshell Ceviche

Perfect for Summer, our Vegetarian Ceviche is sure to please! Grab a couple packs of Mycopia brand Alba Clamshell mushrooms from the grocery store and get chopping!

Find the full recipe here.


3. Paul's Smoking Blackened Trumpet Royale

So this one goes so fast that we've literally never had time to snap a pic of it, it's THAT GOOD.  The key here is high heat and the right seasonings.  Pick up a couple packs of Mycopia brand Trumpet Royale mushrooms along with Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Blackened Redfish Magic Seasoning Blend from your favorite grocery store and get cooking!

Find the full recipe here.



4. Barbecued Maitake Frondosa

Break out your veggie basket and throw this Maitake on the grill, it will NOT disappoint! Find the full recipe here.



5. Pickled Italian Mushrooms (aka Marinated Mushrooms)

You could call these pickled, or marinated. Whichever word you use, they are delicious and can be used in so many ways. We like to use them as an appetizer, or make a summer side dish from them by adding big, white Italian kidney beans, called cannellini. The mushrooms could be also be served just as they are as antipasto; chopped on bruschetta; tossed with pasta for a pasta salad; or as a garnish for fried fish or calamari.

You'll want to give these a few days to let the flavors combine, so plan ahead and make them this weekend.  They will be perfect by Tuesday!

Find the full recipe here.


6. Maitaklava (Maitake Baklava)

Want a savory-sweet treat that's off the beaten path? Then Maitaklava is the dessert for you!

Just be careful, make this once and your friends and family will be hounding you for more!  Find the full recipe here, along with my experience making it for the first time.

The full recipe calls for 3lbs of Maitake, which you can grab at our Farm Sales if you are near our Michigan or California locations.

Check out mycopia.com for more recipes, tips, and tricks!

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