Gourmet Mushrooms Inc., A Brief History

Gourmet Mushrooms Inc., Sebastopol, CA, has been a pioneer grower of fresh culinary and nutraceutical mushrooms since 1977. Founders Malcom Clark and David Law were the first to commercially cultivate Shiitake in the US.  In 40 years, Gourmet Mushrooms has expanded from a repurposed chicken coop to over 45,000 sq. ft. in CA and in 2014 added a 200,000 sq. ft. farm in Scottville, MI. As other growers entered the shiitake market, GMI branched out and added seven varieties of specialty culinary mushrooms under the Mycopia brand name.  While we no longer grow shiitake, GMI grows more varieties of culinary and nutraceutical mushrooms than any other farm in the US. We currently grow Alba Clamshell™, Brown Clamshell™, Trumpet Royale™, Forest Nameko™, Velvet Pioppini™, Nebrodini Bianco™, Maitake Frondosa™ and Cinnamon Cap™ mushrooms.

Gourmet Mushrooms is committed to growing the finest quality specialty mushrooms using sustainable practices. Our fresh mushrooms and nutraceutical products have been Certified Organic and Kosher since 2005. Mycopia Specialty Mushrooms are grown on oak-based substrate in reusable plastic bottles; after the mushrooms are harvested, the spent substrate is recycled and turned into compost that is highly prized by local farmers and wineries. For our nutraceutical species, we grow the mushroom mycelium which provides extracellular compounds and metabolites. The various nutraceutical mycelium strains are dried and ground into powder to be used by health supplement companies.

To help eliminate food waste and support those who are food insecure, Gourmet Mushrooms donates surplus harvest to our local food banks. Additionally, we host weekly farm sales where our local community members can purchase surplus bulk mushrooms.

Mycopia Mushrooms are found nationwide in the finest restaurants, specialty food wholesalers and gourmet grocers. Professional and home chef’s value the fact that we hand harvest and hand pack our mushrooms 7 days a week for superior quality. Our mushrooms do not need to be washed or meticulously cleaned like wild mushrooms. They are delicious, versatile and can be used in any recipe calling for wild or button variety mushrooms.

Our mycologists are experimenting with cultivating other varieties, such as morels, that have previously been restricted to being “seasonal mushrooms.” As we enter our next 40 years, Gourmet Mushrooms looks forward to developing additional varieties of organic specialty mushrooms, continuing to grow with our customers and providing delicious, nutritious specialty mushrooms to American consumers.